Meet the Maker: Brynn W. Casey

Brynn W. Casey as photographed by  Minoo Bassery .

Brynn W. Casey as photographed by Minoo Bassery.

Welcome to the first blog post of my "Meet the Maker" series for 2017! It was my goal to feature at least one artist/maker each month but, given that timelines tend to be extended, I didn't get the chance to start this blog series until the beginning of March! The ultimate goal in creating this blog series is to help other creativepreneurs realize that they can also pursue their dreams of creating art full-time as a career! I'm so blessed to have been able to interview Brynn for my first blog of the series. 

Brynn Casey is an expressive realist painter currently residing in Marietta, GA! Her signature paintings are of anything water, whether that be lakes, shorelines, or oceans, she’s done a little bit of everything!  I’ve always admired Brynn’s work ever since I first found her on Instagram and I had the privilege of meeting her in person last year at a Pop-Up Shop that she hosted with Madewell. Brynn is lovely soul who is truly dedicated to her work and I’m so excited to feature her as the very first artist of my “Meet the Maker” blog series!



Below are questions that I asked Brynn with her respective answers. I’ve had so much fun learning about her and her artistic journey a little more and I hope you do as well! Don’t forget to check out her WEBSITE and INSTAGRAM once you’ve finished reading!

What job did you have before you were a full-time artist/maker? 

I was a studio assistant for another artist as well as a part-time nanny.

Did you receive any sort of formal education for your profession? How did receiving/not receiving a formal education shape your artistic journey?

Yes! I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from UGA. It helped me to learn the importance of having an artistic community around you, as well as how to receive critique on a regular basis.

Do you have memories from your childhood that directly correlate with your profession today?

Yes, definitely! I grew up designing our family Christmas card every year and my mom sent it out to all of our friends and family and I remember always being so proud. It turned into my "thing" and became my yearly art-update to our people!

When did you realize that taking your profession full-time was the right way to go? Was there a specific turning point?

A grouping of paintings completed by Brynn Casey and stored in her studio before a big art release!

A grouping of paintings completed by Brynn Casey and stored in her studio before a big art release!

Well, I kind of had no choice! I was working until 3am on my personal artwork, while nannying and assisting my artist friend by day. While I needed the stability from nannying and my other job, they both came to an end at the same time! The school year had ended with my nannying family, and my friend was having a slower season and could handle most of her work on her it was kind of a "now or never" moment for me. I've never looked back, and now my artist friend and I are about to be studio neighbors. It's fun how things come full circle.

What would you consider your artistic style? Has it always been this way?

I'd consider myself to be an expressive realistic painter. My mark making is abstract, quick and expressive, but I paint landscape scenes that are very real and understandable. It hasn't always been this way. I went into college as a TIGHT portrait artist, and I left college having drips all over my work and expressive marks all over the place.

Do you have a favorite piece/project that you’ve completed?

Oh definitely. The final "exit show" piece I made to graduate college is my favorite piece to date. It was a huge milestone piece for me. It is a huge painting of water, painted on two panels that I built myself. The piece means so much to me because I was dealing with the loss of a close friend at the time and thinking about healing. I went to the beach and gathered some salt water from the ocean and used that water to create that painting when I got home. Thinking about how salt water heals our wounds, I also thought about how we are healed when we enter into our heavenly home with the Lord. I titled the painting "Healing" - you can see it in the photo below.

"Healing" was displayed in Citizen Supply, located in Ponce City Market in Atlanta, GA, where it was purchased by a collector!

"Healing" was displayed in Citizen Supply, located in Ponce City Market in Atlanta, GA, where it was purchased by a collector!

What has been the biggest struggle you’ve experienced as a small-business artist/maker?

Comparison with other artists. I struggle so much to just stay in my own lane and be okay running my race.

How do you stay self-motivated (especially if you work from home)?

Giving myself deadlines usually really helps me, and also rewarding myself by getting things done! I like to give myself due-dates and communicate them with my clients; that way I keep myself accountable as well as keeping my clients updated for when their piece will be finished!

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What do you have planned for your business in the future?

I'd love to continue to just make my art and put it out into the world as much as possible, whatever that looks like. Collaborating with authors, book publishers, musicians, etc. would be really cool.

Do you have any advice for someone who is hoping to pursue the profession you are in?

Never expect too much from your creativity. Sometimes when you take on your art as your profession, so much pressure gets placed on it and it loses some of its luster... it becomes almost a chore rather than an escape. I would suggest to keep your art as sacred and safe from pressure as possible, whatever that looks like for you in your life.

Painting titled "When Night Meets".

Painting titled "When Night Meets".

One last questions: now that your “hobby” (as some people would say) has become your job what do you do for fun and relaxation when you’re not working?

I love to hang out with my dog, read, drink coffee with friends, go on walks with friends, travel, and collect other artwork from other artists!

To see more of Brynn’s artwork visit her WEBSITE or INSTAGRAM! You can also read more about Brynn on her own blog, as she shared some of her story there as well!

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