Top 6 Atlanta Wedding Venues with Wedding Invitation Design Ideas

PIN THIS FOR LATER!  Thumbnail image courtesy of    Diana Lupu Photo   .

PIN THIS FOR LATER! Thumbnail image courtesy of Diana Lupu Photo.

One of the first big ticket items that couples research for their wedding day is a venue! The venue is incredibly important, as it is the centerfold of your wedding day. It’s key that your venue has good flow, understandable policies, a great support staff, and beauty (of course). Atlanta is such an eclectic and wonderful city because you can find wedding venues that meet all sort of criteria! I’ve pulled together a list of six Atlanta Wedding Venues that I think are truly breathtaking - I made sure each of them embodied a slightly different feel. After all, every couple will have different feels they are hoping to encompass in their wedding day!

Keep in mind, these are truly in the HEART of Atlanta as best as possible. I might have to create another post for Georgia wedding venue in general because, trust me, there are some breathtaking wedding venues in Georgia and I wish I could share them all!

Not only will I be touching on what these unique wedding venues offer, I will also be including insight into what I think the look/feel of a wedding invitation suite would be when it comes to designing one for each wedding venue.

Some of these venues I’ve been personally fortunate enough to have a real wedding or style shoot occur on location, and I’ve been able to pull some photos from my archives for these venues. I’m also blessed to features some guest photos from friends, and you’ll find that those are credited & linked underneath each photo. A big thank you ahead of time to Michelle Scott Photo, Hannah Forsberg, Lindsey LaRue Photography, and Diana Lupu Photo for photos of the venues.


I’ve been fortunate enough to go to Summerour Studio in person for a breathtaking styled shoot (my favorite of all time in collaboration with Detailed I Do’s and so many other amazing vendors). Summerour is a trendy and modern venue with wonderful wood and brick tones throughout. There are so many set up possibilities for the wedding venue, and perhaps one of my favorite features is a large staircase that leads down into the reception hall. According to their website, event rentals for weddings are between $3,000 - $5,000 and they have a 425 guest capacity. If you’re planning on throwing a bit bigger of a wedding ceremony and reception, this could be a great Atlanta wedding venue for you!

One thing to be aware of is that parking in this part of town is tricky and the venue does not have on-site parking so you will be required to have valet services for your wedding if you decide to have it here. But trust me, I think that could be well worth it!

My Invitation Vision: Summerour is a gorgeous venue that deserves equally beautiful paper goods and wedding invitations. I’ve always thought of Summerour as more of an organic wedding venue space (especially with all the natural light) so I think incorporating calligraphy elements into an invitation suite for a Summerour wedding would be essential. Either whimsical calligraphy, or classic serif text with lots of neutral space. However, Summerour is very versatile, so it would also be fun to go very bold with a wedding invitation for this space as well, such as printing a white ink design on charcoal gray paper and incorporating a liner for the guest envelope with bold floral illustrations.

Summerour Shoot photo by Michelle Scott Photography. Shoot planning by Detailed I Do’s.


Funny story, the company Novare Events actually owns 3/6 of the venues on my list, including this one. But I can’t help including so many of their event spaces because they are gorgeous and always impeccably well run (from what i’ve heard)! The Biltmore is perfect if you’re planning an extravagant and classy AF wedding because, gosh, the interior is to die for. It encompasses all things luxury and they have two ballroom spaces that you can choose from.

The average venue rental rate for this venue is also in the $5,000 range with a 50-1000 guest capacity depending on what you’re hoping to accomplish with your ceremony and reception. You can see all of the options on their website, but they have multiple ways you can setup that ballrooms for your guests and reception.

My Invitation Vision: I imagine a wedding invitation design for the Biltmore Ballrooms having foil-pressed printing (so luxurious) with ornate designs. Writing out the entire invitation in calligraphy, for example, would be a perfect pairing for this venue. I also envision a darker envelope colors (maybe even black) with white or gold calligraphy. Can I hear an ooooh & ahhhh?


I was involved in a real wedding that was hosted at The Trolley Barn and was able to visit the property twice! It is a much smaller and more intimate venue, and they have very strict regulations and policies to follow (this is all laid out very clearly for you in your contract). The back garden area is perfect for a small and intimate ceremony and your guests can also enjoy a cocktail hour in the courtyard while the inside reception hall is getting setup for the reception festivities and dinner! Their packages range from $4,900 to $5,600 for weekend wedding dates and the have an entire pricing chart available online.

The couple that hired me for their wedding signage actually opted to have a brunch wedding, which I think is just one of the most fun and unique ideas ever for a wedding.  You can see some photos below of the amazing setup at this venue.

My Invitation Vision: I imagine a clean & classic wedding invitation suite for this venue. Gorgeous text and script with minimal art elements and lots of neutral space. I could easily imagine adding some delicate floral line drawings for some framing on the invitation if you wanted it. If any embellishments are added, I think wax seals with silk ribbon would encompass the feeling of this space so well!

Katherine & Grant’s Real Wedding as shot by Diana Lupu Photo. Planning by Detailed I Do’s.


The Stave Room boasts an impressive amount of space that can allow you to host up to 500+ guests. Their rates are anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000 depending on the time of year, guest count, and many other factors. For example, on Saturdays you are required to pay a beverage minimum of $5,000. One of my friendors, Kate Turner, does a lot of chalkboard artwork for this venue, which is such a fun feature! They have a huge wall with chalkboards that you can customize with visuals of your choice. Not to mention the interior of this venue is very minimalist, bright, roomy, and industrial. It would be the perfect venue for a more muted wedding color palette, as well as a bold and bright palette as well because you wouldn’t have to worry about colors clashing!

My Invitation Vision: Since this venue space is extremely customizable, your wedding invitations would be able to fit whatever vibe you are going for. Whether you want a wedding crest featuring personal life elements, a monogram, a floral wreath, or something else incorporated into your design, I would be able to do it all! Not to mention, you could keep the wedding invitations as bright in color, or neutral in color, as you want. There would be few ways to go wrong, and an invitation suite for this venue would probably be slightly more casual-leaning than formal.


The Atlanta History Center has many options for your wedding ceremony and reception, the most well-known and coveted probably being that of Swan Gardens (if you take a look at the photo of the Swan House from Hannah Forsberg below, you’ll easily see why). Keep in mind that the history center does not allow ceremonies and receptions inside the Swan House due to its historical status and preservation, but your guests do have the option to tour it during the wedding time if they want. Instead, you’ll be able to host your ceremony & reception in the gardens, which is the perfect option for a gorgeous spring wedding.

Weddings at the Atlanta History Center have a wide price range, and a wedding that includes Swan Gardens will likely range from $5,000 to $10,000 depending on your setup. It is a fee of $2,500 to have a tent on the lawn, so keep that in mind if you’re going to be wanting a tent as an inclement weather backup plan.

You can learn more about weddings at the Atlanta History Center by clicking here.

My Invitation Vision: I imagine a wedding invitation suite for a Swan House wedding being very floral-centric with pale pinks and blushes, delicate line drawings, a classic monogram, and cream or blush envelopes. The options are absolutely endless, but I truly believe a beautiful statement piece for this suite would be an illustration of the Swan House itself, whether on the invitation or a liner for the guest envelope.

Photo of The Swan House courtesy of    Hannah Forsberg   .

Photo of The Swan House courtesy of Hannah Forsberg.


I’ve had the privilege of visiting the Wimbish House in person for a Rising Tide event - I was actually a speaker and it was such a cool experience! This Atlanta wedding venue would be the perfect fit for a slightly smaller wedding ceremony and reception, and it features a gorgeous private bridal suite. They can accommodate up to 150 guests total if you decide to host both your ceremony and reception on site. If you choose to host only the ceremony at the Wimbish house (with the reception elsewhere) you could fit 250 guests. From their website, it looks like the average fee for a 12-hour booking is $5,950 for peak days and holidays.

I love how bright the ceremony and reception hall at the Wimbish House is, not to mention ornate! When I was there I spent and endless amount of time just starting at the ceiling and beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows.

Keep in mind, as with many other downtown Atlanta wedding venues, guests will have to pay for parking in nearby lots and parking garages. This is something that would need to be disclosed very early on, either via a details card in your wedding invitation suite (inquire with me here) or on your wedding website.

My Invitation Vision: A wedding invitation suite for the Wimbish House would most likely be a little more formal in appearance and wording. Incorporating letterpress printing (an inked impression in the paper) for a Wimbish House wedding would be absolutely stunning, especially if you were to pair it with some vintage postage and calligraphy envelope addressing. I also think adding a monogram or wedding crest to an invitation suite for a Wimbish House wedding would be the perfect pairing. For me, the Wimbish House brings together the feeling of both modern & classic weddings, and it would be so fun to incorporate that feeling into a suite, with personal and meaningful touches.

Photo of the Wimbish House courtesy of    Lindsey Larue Photo   .

Photo of the Wimbish House courtesy of Lindsey Larue Photo.


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