5 Gifts for Brides that They will Absolutely Love

It is becoming increasingly more difficult to find the perfect gift for a bride– not because of the lack of gifts, but rather because everyone seems to have the same general idea when it comes to getting gifts for brides. I can only assume that brides receive multiple “wifey” shirts, “his” and “hers” mugs, and all of the other run-of-the-mill cliché gifts for brides that currently exist. Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard to have too many mugs, but it’s not fun to have multiple that are the same or have the same concept.



Finding the perfect gift for a bride comes partly from experience (I got married in the fall of 2015) and partly from knowing what trendy gifts for brides exist off the beaten path.

1. Along Came a Box. It's a one-of-a-kind gift box!

This is a gift that I am personally very excited about, and something that I would have loved to receive if it had existed when I was a bride! This adorable gift box includes gifts for brides that are each meant to be opened at a different hour in the day. When you open the box you receive a little note that explains how the gift works, and one of the most amazing part is that this box features gifts from other small businesses! One of the best things you can do for small businesses is to support them, and with this gift you can support multiple small businesses at the same time!  

This gift for a bride is perfect on so many different levels. First of all, it is unlike anything else that she is going to receive, and therefore it is something that she will remember forever. Second, not only is the bride receiving one giant gift, but she is also receiving multiple smaller gifts throughout the day, all of which are specially picked gifts for brides. Honestly, it’s the kind of gift that I want to send to all of my bride friends because I know that they will just love it! Who doesn’t want to be a good gift-giver, am I right?? And, if your bride loves her Along Came a Box, then the company offers other options catered towards couples, new moms, someone celebrating a birthday, and more! It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

If you have any questions about Along Came a Box, then feel free to visit their website for more information on pricing, their backstory, and more. Kristen, the woman behind the boxes, is an absolute sweetheart and clearly a gift-giving genius!

Use the code ELISAANNECALLIGRAPHY for $10 OFF your purchase (good through April 20, 2017). 

Each and every gift in the "Bride Box" from Along Came a Box is so thought out and must-have items that a Bride won't easily forget!

Each and every gift in the "Bride Box" from Along Came a Box is so thought out and must-have items that a Bride won't easily forget!

2. Family “Established” Wood Sign

If you want to surprise your bride friend with a customized option, a great choice would be an “Established” custom wood sign. Our custom sigs are all one-of-a-kind and tailored to exactly what you need for the bride’s special day. If you would like more information about ordering a custom wood sign, visit HERE.

This gift adds a fun personal element to a household - definitely a great option!

This gift adds a fun personal element to a household - definitely a great option!

3. Treat her to a fun local workshop!

Local workshops are a great gift for a bride, especially if they are something that she might be able to put to practice in relation to her wedding! There are so many fun workshops happening out there for modern calligraphy, floral arrangement, styling, cooking, and more. Simply take a look at what workshops are being offered in your area – sometimes, dropping in a craft store or a Paper Source to ask them about classes is a great place to start. I am currently offering a Modern Calligraphy Workshop for beginners that will take place in May! It will be such a fun way for people to gather together and practice a new craft. To view more details on my workshop click HERE or view the information below!

4. Keepsake wedding vows in calligraphy.

Talk about gifts for brides that can be real tear-jerkers… Getting a bride her wedding vows done in calligraphy can be a beautiful touch as someone is settling in to their new life! In order to do this, you may need to have the bride provide you with both sets of wedding vows before the wedding so that you can have an adequate amount of time to get them written out by a calligrapher! Or, you can always give the bride a special note on her wedding day to let her know that the gift will be coming (this is in the case that you can’t get a hold of the vows beforehand because some people like sharing them for the first time on the wedding day, and others sometimes write them last minute)!

Keep in mind, this gift for a bride is extremely special but can definitely be costly! A lot of calligraphers (me included) price their wedding vow transcriptions per word and not by just the size of the piece. For more information about pricing, reach out to me via my contact form HERE. I would love to write something in calligraphy for you!

vows written in calligraphy as a keepsake wedding gift
calligraphy vows in white ink on black cardstock written by elisaanne calligraphy

5. A personal piece of art for her new home!

When I first got married, I realized quickly that I had almost no wall-art for me and my husband’s apartment. I think only two items on our registry were decoration related, while everything else had remained practical! Now, people have different ideas about whether or not you should branch away from someone’s registry when purchasing them a gift… but I will go ahead and say that some of the BEST gifts that I received leading up to my wedding, and after the wedding, were items that I had not registered for.

One of my favorite gifts was a Christmas Keepsake book, and another was an adorable piece of art from one of my best high school friends, and it still hangs in my bedroom. The art was a simple framed photo of Calvin & Hobbes (from the comic) and one of the few things were we able to hang right after we moved into our apartment! All of this goes to say… a beautifully framed piece of art, whether it’s an original or a print, can go a long way as a gift for a bride.

If you’re looking to purchase some amazing wall-art/prints, visit my friend's website: Cami Monet


I hope you enjoyed my suggestion for gifts for brides - it can be a tricky thing to find just the right thing, but I'm confident you can become a perfect gift giver with these suggestions!