What's Your Wedding Invitation Style?

Deciding what to include in your wedding invitations (especially if you want to personalize them) can be tricky! Take this fun quiz to determine what your style is, then head over to the inquiry page to fill out your personalized inquiry so I can deliver you a free customized quote :)


There are so many customizable elements to choose from when it comes to creating your custom wedding invitations. This includes paper types, printing methods, wax seals, envelope liners, a tie-around such as a belly band, twine, or silk ribbon, illustrations, calligraphy, vintage postage and so much more!

If you are feeling overwhelmed by all the custom wedding stationery options and simply don’t know where to start, I recommend inquiring here so that I can help you build a custom quote and guide you through the process. My average couple spends $5,000 with me, but I have invitation packages that start at $2,045 if you’re interested in pursuing a more cost-effective route (though this route involves more DIY).

My true passion in custom wedding invitations is taking all the responsibilities off the couple’s hands during the planning process. All you have to do is submit your inspiration to me, then I do the rest by sending you sketches and design rounds via email that you get to review and give feedback on.

I also offer a variety of addressing methods. I love handwriting and calligraphy, and would love to calligraph all of your guest envelopes. However, this is a more expensive option ($3.50 per envelope on average), so I also offer variable printing. All you have to do is upload your guest addresses to an organized excel sheet (I provide you with the template) and then I print all of your guest addresses directly onto the envelopes I order for you.

If you are worried about purchasing postage and how much you will need, I am also here to assist you. The US post office is a fickle beast and we want to ensure that all of your beloved custom wedding invitations make it to your guests. With my knowledge of USPS guidelines, my in-house scale, and multiple USPS post offices close to my studio, I am able to ensure that you will have the proper amount of postage on your invitations.

Let me assist you with all your custom wedding invitation needs! If you have more questions, feel free to reach out directly at hello@elisaannecalligraphy.com or INQUIRE HERE.