How to Make a DIY Styling Board for Stationery and Wedding Invitations

A styling board makes the perfect accessory for taking high-quality and professional looking photos of your stationery work, as well as any other projects you’ve been working on! Paired with a little bit of Honey Silks Co. ribbon, a small ring bowl from Suite One Studio, some embroidery scissors, and some vintage stamps, you can quickly create a flat lay with a beautiful background!

Though styling boards are sold by many online vendors, you can make yourself a DIY styling board for much less, and one that will be just as gorgeous! Even more fun, you can choose whatever color background you want because you’ll be shopping for the fabric in person.

To make a DIY styling board, you will need only six supplies! Yes, you read that right! Making a styling board is incredibly simple and will only take about 30 minutes (not including the time it takes you to shop for supplies). The list is below:



24"x30" poster board

1 yard of linen (color of your choice)

Ironing Board & Iron

Fabric Scissors

Hot Glue (extra strength)

Measuring Tape

1. Choose & Prep the Linen for Your DIY Styling Board.

When you shop for your linen, you may want to keep in mind that having a neutral background for photos usually works best for a variety of photography styling projects! Choosing a fabric that is a light gray or a beige variety is a great place to start. For this DIY styling board tutorial, I’ve chosen a beige linen fabric. The main reason I recommend linen is because the fabric has a noticeable, yet subtle, texture that will provide an interesting background for your photos.

Once you purchase your linen (I found mine at Joann’s) you may have to take some time to iron it when you get home to remove any wrinkles in the fabric. When ironing your linen, make sure to have the iron temperature on hot with plenty of steam and moisture as well. Linen will iron the best if it is slightly damp, or at least has steam applied frequently! If you do not have an iron that produces steam, using a spray bottle for water works as well.

how to iron linen

2. Cut Your Linen to Size for Your DIY Styling Board

After you have ironed your linen and allowed it to cool, it is now time to cut it to the correct size for your DIY styling board using your fabric scissors. Normal scissors may work, but due to their lack of sharpness it could take you a little longer.

The best way to accurately measure the linen is to lay it flat with the plastic poster board resting on top of it. Make sure to leave at least 2 inches of fabric on each side of the poster board. Cutting the fabric any shorter than 2 inches on each size will not leave enough fabric for you to work with, and you’ll risk burning your fingers when applying the fabric to the board with the glue gun!

measuring linen

Carefully use the fabric scissors to cut the fabric around the poster board. If you have any extra linen, fold it and set it aside to be used for a different project.

cutting linen

3. Adhere the Linen to the Styling Board with a Glue Gun

For this next step, plug your hot glue gun into the wall and make sure set up your linen and poster board within easy reach. The linen should be on the bottom and the poster board should be set on top (similar to the position it was in when you were cutting the linen fabric). Carefully begin to add dots of hot glue along one of the short sides of the poster board and fold the linen over to gently adhere it to the poster board. As long as your linen is thick enough, you should be able to carefully put pressure on the glue dots to make sure the fabric is adhered to the poster board. At this point, do not glue any fabric down on the corners. You may notice that you have a little bit of extra fabric than needed, but by the end everything will most likely be glued down!

Once you’ve done the first short side, continue with the opposite short side and make sure to gently tug the fabric before adhering it to the poster board to make sure that the styling board surface will be completely flat and smooth.

After you’ve completed the short sides, continue with the two long sides of the fabric; once again, keep tugging gently to make sure the surface of the fabric on the other side of the styling board is flat and smooth!

adhering the linen with hot glue

4. Finish the Corners of Your Styling Board

By now, all sides of your styling board should have the linen glued and adhered to them. The last thing we have to do is glue down the corners in a neat fashion. Tuck and fold your fabric to make sure that it stays hidden and glued on the back of the styling board. Try to make sure it gets glued down as flat as possible!

gluing the corners

5. Glue Down (or Trim) Extra Fabric on Your Styling Board

Now that all the fabric has been glued down, the last thing you can do to finish off the styling board is by adding glue to any fabric that hasn’t been adhered (or trimming it off if you really have too much).

Now, you have a beautiful styling board that can be used over and over to photograph different pieces of stationery, wedding rings (or boxes), envelopes, and more! Hopefully you have enjoyed this quick and easy tutorial. Make sure to comment below if you have any questions about making your own DIY styling board!

This is the finished product of my styling board with stationery elements placed on top of it! Due to the lighting in this photo, the board photographed more of a gray than a beige - but the neutral background still worked perfectly for what I was trying to accomplish!

This is the finished product of my styling board with stationery elements placed on top of it! Due to the lighting in this photo, the board photographed more of a gray than a beige - but the neutral background still worked perfectly for what I was trying to accomplish!