Common Myths Regarding Wedding Invitations (Let's Break the Rules!)

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Everyone goes through a rebellious phase and if you haven’t yet, it tends to show up when planning your wedding! Okay, that might be a little bit of an exaggeration, but today we’re going to touch on a topic that might cause some family members to gasp and clutch their pearls: breaking the rules with your wedding invitations!

When rules are created, they’re also meant to be broken - or so we’ve been told. Think about the things you truly want to be part of your day and whether it’s worth ruffling some conventional feathers over. Expressing your personality as a couple is far more important than following certain “traditional rules” that you and your partner never agreed to anyway. Breaking some of these old fashioned rules around wedding invitations just might be the key to freedom – and unlocking the wedding you really wanted!

Myth #1: the wedding invitation wording should be super formal

This is the most common misconception about wedding invitations, because formal wording has been a long-time staple. But if you wouldn’t bust out in soliloquy when talking to your friends and family, don’t feel like you have to do so when inviting them to your wedding! As we toe the line on tradition, airing on the side of natural for your wedding invitations is “a-okay” with us.

Look at it this way, titles and honors can sound a little bit stuff, or they can be a special way to honor a guest. But honestly, when it comes to this deviation, just determine what traditional wording means to you and your guest list. If you feel like you need to find some middle ground though, step your addressing up a notch into formality and then keep your actual invitation wording a little bit more modern. Easy peasy.

Myth #2: your wedding invitation has to be ivory and classic

Oh heck no! Our goal is always to tell the couple’s story through design and art. And as we’ve said in previous posts, your wedding invitations are your first chance to introduce the guests to the tone and personality of your big day. Gone are the days of traditional  colors and serif information fonts. At ElisaAnne Calligraphy, we’re here for the celebration of colors, paintings, texture, shape and scale!

Myth #3: your wedding invitations should be addressed formally

This is a BIG one. As you’re filling out your guest list spreadsheet, your mind is probably reeling trying to figure out how you should address couples that are married but have different last names, couples that are dating, or families. With changes to social norms and culture, following this old-school rule by addressing your invitations formally might feel unnatural and forced. Just keep in mind the formality of your wedding and your guests!

It’s okay to address different groups of the guest list with varying levels of formality. If your parents friends need a more formal invitation, feel free to address your friends’ invitations with a much more casual tone. Look at it as an opportunity to compromise if you need one!

Myth #4: you should always give your wedding guests a plus one

We’re going to keep this one short and sweet: NOPE.

We’ve shared this opinion before - but we’ll say it louder for the people in the back: If a guest isn't married or in a serious relationship, it's perfectly acceptable to invite them solo.

And last but not least:

Myth #5: the bride’s parents should always be written on the wedding invitation as the host

Traditionally the bride’s parents’ names would appear in the host line because they were footing the entire bill. Today, couples often pay for their own wedding, or at least contribute, so it’s totally fine to break this rule if it won’t break your mom’s heart. However, we’re often seeing the groom’s parents being much more involved than they have been in the past, so feel free to make it a nice touch and include both sets of parents as the hosts.

Let’s put it this way: sometimes it’s okay to leave tradition in the past, especially if involves the most important day of your life. BUT, if your mom comes busting down our door to argue, we plead the fifth around here! :)

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