Introducing the Stationer's Summit - Coming September 2019

Hello friends! It is with great pride & excitement that I get to announce a secret I’ve been holding onto for a while… Cami and I are organizing and hosting an online summit called The Stationer’s Summit!

PIN this for later!

PIN this for later!

The Stationer’s Summit includes 18 industry leaders teaching on all thing stationery related, and the content will all go live on September 16. As you may or may not know, September 16th holds a special place in Cami’s and my heart because it is the day we both went full time (coincidentally) with our own businesses — now we are blessed to have a business together in Biz Birthday Bash!

The idea for The Stationer’s Summit came to us on a warm February day in Orlando. I was visiting Cami (I’m located in Atlanta) and we were taking some time to sit next to the pool and brainstorm big ideas for the year. At this time we were currently on a slightly different path, with educational topics we had already brainstormed and come up with in our Q1 meeting (yes, I make us have quarterly meetings cuz I’m the type-A business one haha).

Anyway, we were sitting next to the pool in her backyard and I said, “I know we just started 2019, but I think I have an idea for 2020.”

And that’s when we started talking about The Stationer’s Summit and what we would do if we could actually bring the idea to life. Well, after some reconsideration in our Q2 meeting we actually decided to bump The Stationer’s Summit into 2019 instead, making it “unofficially” take the place of when we usually host Biz Birthday Bash webinars. But, to be quite honest, this summit will be way cooler & filled with more knowledge than we could ever bring to the table with just the two of us.

When is The Stationer’s Summit happening?

Here are the important dates you need to know:

EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION: August 26-30th | $297

OFFICIAL REGISTRATION: September 16-30th | $397

All pre-recorded sessions go live for students to view on September 16th.

This is by far our biggest idea yet, and we are ready to tackle this dream and bring it to life. Take a look at the image sequence below for some more details, and feel free to share some of the photos to your Instagram stories if you want to spread the word.

Oh, I almost forgot! You’re not going to want to miss this, so make sure you sign up to be on the waiting list to get notified when registration goes live: