A Little Bit About Our Life: Master Bedroom Tour

Marietta Georgia Apartment Bedroom with Walk In Closet

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I'm not sure why I've never considered doing any sort of "home tour" blog for apartment. Well, that's not quite true. I have definitely considered it but I haven't ever gotten around to doing it or cleaning up our space and then taking photos. So, today I decided to take a baby step and to photograph only the master bedroom and then to write about it a little bit as well.

First, let me get started with a little bit of our back story and how we ended up here...



Will and I moved across the country in September 2015; he is originally from Washington and I’m from Colorado. We met in Washington when attending university, got married in Colorado after we graduated, and then packed everything we owned into his tiny Subaru Legacy (by everything I'm talking some clothes, shoes, my art supplies, and his TV & xbox). He had already driven the 22-something hours from Seattle to Denver, and then we did an additional 20 hours from Denver to Marietta, GA after the wedding and honeymoon - I will have to talk about that later because that was an intense couple of weeks to say the least. We moved to Marietta so that Will could attend graduate school, and we've loved it so much we will most likely stay long term!

We are lucky enough to have close family friend in Georgia, which meant that any wedding gifts were shipped to them. When we arrived in Marietta, we unlocked our very empty apartment and slowly but surely started transferring all of the gifts from their home to our apartment. Through our multiple registries at Anthropologie, Bed Bath & Beyond, Pottery Barn, and Crate & Barrel we had almost all of the basics that we needed, including some very cute decorations (many of which are now in our bedroom). If you're in the process of getting married make sure to register for a whole variety of items at multiple stores; also, make sure to include things at various price points as well! 

Marietta Georgia Garden Apartment
Anthropologie Mr and Mrs Pillows
The Inspired Home Nest of Creatives Home Inspiration Book

The biggest problem was that we didn't have ANY furniture at all! No table, no couch, no bed, no chairs; none of the "big ticket" items. 

The first month of living in Marietta was devoted to finding pieces of furniture here and there. We were able to borrow a simple mental bed frame from our family friends (and we are still, in fact, borrowing it), and we also found a second-hand couch, second-hand table, two janky nightstands that don't match at all, and a couple of items from Ikea including our dresser and my office desk. When you're on a newly-married budget you make things work!

Most likely, anything super cute you are seeing in these photos such as the Mr. and Mrs. Pillows, the gorgeous pitcher, the "goodnight" sign, and other details spread throughout our room were wedding gifts from Anthropologie and, unfortunately, can no longer be purchased or I would link them! The open book pictured on the bed is called "The Inspired Home: Nest of Creatives" and it is one of my favorite places to seek inspiration for my apartment and future (one day) home. Not pictured in this group of bedroom photos is one of my favorite wedding gifts that hangs between the bedroom door and closet door; it is a framed photo of an illustration from "Calvin & Hobbes", one of my favorite childhood comics. 

Overall, my style has gently involved into what I refer to as simplicity with a pop of color. I've never been much of a neutral girl myself, but I definitely appreciate a clean and simple space with brushes of color here and there. The fleece blanket on our bed is an excellent pop of color that we were lucky enough to win at a White Elephant Christmas Party! I can't find the exact one online but you can find a similar one here

Old Fashioned Alarm Clock on Ikea Dresser
White Ikea Dresser with Goodwill Mirror
White Anthropologie Pitcher with Mini Volcano Candle

The items that we now have on our Ikea dresser are simple and most of them are go-to necessary items such as my Retro Alarm Clock, Tocca "Florence" Perfume, Ahava Body Lotion, and an ESV Journaling Bible. The purchase of my retro alarm clock occurred when my iPhone was no longer doing a good job of helping me wake up. Actually, it never did a good job in the first place; I was constantly snoozing the alarm over and over and never getting out of bed. When I was back in high school I never had an issue getting up because I had a simple analog alarm clock that obnoxiously beeped each morning until turned off, and it was super tricky to push back the time if I wanted to "snooze". Hence, the transition back to the retro alarm clock that I use each morning without fail! 

Our oval mirror that hangs above the dresser was purchased from a Goodwill here in Georgia for $8, but you can find a super similar one here. The gorgeous white pitcher and volcano candle are both from Anthropologie (of course) but I've recently found another brand of volcano candle that smells just as good and costs less. Win, win! 

Books that are currently spread throughout our bedroom include "Einstein's Dreams" by Alan Lightman, "You Can Do This" by Tricia Lott Williford, "The Inspired Home: Nest of Creatives", and "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" by Jonathan Safran Foer. Ok, the last one isn't actually in the room at the moment but I wish it was. It's in my office on my "next to read" list even though I've already read it once. All of these books come highly recommended! 

Simple Walmart Lamp with Second Hand Dresser
Anthropologie Goodnight Wire Bedroom Wall Decoration
Marietta Georgia Small Two Bedroom Apartment

I have to say, our master bedroom is one of my favorite places to be (when it's clean of course) and it gets an abundance of natural light thanks to the large sliding doors that lead out to the patio! The lovely 5x7 photo prints are courtesy of my dear friend Hannah Forsberg and they are from a shoot that my husband and I modeled for last summer. If you're wondering, the blanket on the bed is a Martha Stewart Bed Quilt - it is available for order on Amazon but currently only in the sage green color! 

You may be wondering, "Elisabeth, all of this is great. But where the heck is all of Will's stuff?" And my answer to that is, my husband is a very simple and content man that was more than happy to let me decorate. And, I consider all of our wedding gifts effectively "ours" of course! Besides his clothes, some books, his electronics, and a few other items, he doesn't have too many decorative items, and the ones he does have are in our office! You'll get a peek at all of that eventually I'm sure.

All images in the blog post are my own and were shot on my Nikon D3200 camera. I was finally able to figure out Lightroom after a little bit of playing around the past few months and I can happily say that I think these photos turned out quite well considering my photography experience! 

Enjoy! And questions or comments? Leave them below; I love hearing from you!