WANT to host a calligraphy workshop, but you have no idea where to START?

The Calligraphy Workshop Planning Guide is perfect for you! This printable organizer is your one-stop-shop to staying organized when planning your workshop. You’ll never have to be afraid of not knowing what your next steps are.

This DIY guide includes a workshop to-do list page, a page to track the supplies you purchase (and their cost), financial projections, a marketing plan, a student sign-up tracker, and more! I’ve even added a resource list of where I get my materials, and exactly what I purchase.

The guide will help you calculate exactly what your net profit is once the workshop is over; after all, planning a workshop should involve making a profit, am I right?

The best part? You can print this guide as many times as you need it and use it for EVERY workshop. Skip the post-it note planning frenzy and go for an organized & stress-free planning experience!


  • Immediate PDF Download, 10 Pages

  • Venue & date overview tables

  • Workshop supply guide (exactly where I source my materials for calligraphy workshops).

  • Workshop budget table

  • Supply purchase page for estimating costs & filling in final costs

  • Workshop to-do list for overall tasks and week-of tasks

  • “What will you charge” logistics

  • Financial projections page

  • Student sign-up tracker

  • Marketing plan page

  • Does NOT include teaching curriculum.



"This guide is so thorough and it takes the guess work out of planning & thinking! I haven't had my first workshop yet, but this is going to be so valuable. It's great how it breaks things into easy understandable steps and takes you step by step with finances. If I was doing it myself I would be overthinking everything! I know this will make planning so much less stressful. It's such a great guide and I love the layout too!" - @leftandwillowdesigns

"I am extremely impressed with how detailed this guide is; I'm most excited about the pricing structure! I've always thought "cheaper is better", especially since I'm just starting out. But I need to remember not to discount the time & effort I will be investing. My goal for 2019 is to host 3 workshops and with this guide I think that's totally attainable! THANK YOU!" -

"All the lists are so helpful and will be incredibly useful when organizing a workshop. It's great that you can evaluate your initial price and determine if it should change after taking all your expenses into consideration. I also love the sign-up tracker - it's exciting!" -