Ever dreamed of having a place to discuss your business goals, struggles, aspirations, success/failures, and more?! Joining a Creative Mastermind Group will allow you to have a small intimate community with 3 other creatives (4 of you total) that will plan on meeting either bi-weekly or monthly to discuss all the ins-and-outs of your business. Participating in a Creative Mastermind Group does NOT mean you are expected to spill all your trade secrets and hard-earned expertise, but you will be expected to participate and give honest wisdom & advice to the other members. I recommend using the platform Appear In for your meetings once you are matched with a group. 

If you want to be part of a Creative Mastermind Group, please fill out the application below! If, and only if,  you are matched with a group, you will be sent an invoice requesting a small payment of $15 before receiving the information of the group members you are matched with as well as an original PDF document from me called the Mastermind Group Starter Packet! Just so you know, finding a group for everyone doesn’t always work out due to the balance of professions, living location, availability, etc. If I can't match you with a group, you won’t be expected to pay any sort of fee! 

Please keep in mind, Mastermind Groups work best for people that are full-time with their current business endeavor, mainly because meeting during the day (9-5 work hours) works best for most people. 

We are currently accepting NEW applications! Up to 20 new applicants will be accepted through the end of July 2018.

DISCLAIMER: By placing you in a Creative Mastermind Group, Elisabeth Young of ElisaAnne Calligraphy does not promise any sort of results. Any sort of conflicts, scheduling or otherwise, will need to be solved by your group members and is not in any way the responsibility of ElisaAnne Calligraphy or members of the organization.

  Photo by Christine Marie Photography.

Photo by Christine Marie Photography.