photo credit:  @LINDSEYLARUEphoto

photo credit: @LINDSEYLARUEphoto


Wedding Invitations are the heartbeat of my business. They are what makes my heart pitter-patter and flutter with joy & excitement. I love working on wedding invitations from the initial sketching concepts, all the way through sending them out to the guests.

It is such an honor for me to create custom wedding invitations that my client is going to love and cherish. Custom wedding invitations are an elegant & wonderful statement; they really are the first impression of your wedding! I would love to be able to help you create something that is sure to wow your guests, and sure to give you all the "heart eyes".

THINGS I LOVE: Thai Food, My Cats, My Family (Oldest of 5), My Hubby of 3 Years, Learning New Things, Pride and Prejudice, and Collecting Spoons!

I get a lot of questions about my business name & where it comes from, so here's a brief explanation: ElisaAnne is the combination of the first 5 letters from my first name, and the first 4 from my second, which is Anneke (pronounced Annika). ElisaAnne is one word and it is pronounced Eliza-Anne.


When I was growing up, my great aunt gave me a calligraphy set with broad-edged pens; unfortunately, I lost interest pretty quick because I could not get the pens to work for me - to my dismay, I learned years later that this was because I am left handed!

Throughout my life people constantly complimented me on my nice handwriting, and I loved writing in cursive, which some would consider a lost art. I doodled letter forms constantly and started writing out "mock" calligraphy for fun. 

During the fall of my senior year of college I decided to pursue calligraphy further and I taught myself by watching videos online, doing a lot of research whenever I had extra time, and experimenting with different inks and nibs. 

Being a left handed calligrapher has posed multiple different challenges, but I've learned that a pointed pen is not biased, which is what I specifically use for my projects. I'm also very passionate about teaching others and you can find me on YouTube dishing tips & tricks for modern calligraphy, as well as hand lettering on wood signs!

Practicing calligraphy lended itself well to wedding invitations, and now 3 years into my business I found myself exclusively creating invitations for madly in love couples, and occasionally addressing some envelopes a la carte.

I can’t wait to get to know you better! Drop me a note via my contact form if you want to say hi :)