Elisabeth Young of ElisaAnne Calligraphy


Owner || Calligrapher || Designer

Hello! My name is Elisabeth. ElisaAnne is the combination of the first 5 letters from my first name, and the first 4 from my second, which is Anneke (pronounced Annika). I was born overseas in Almelo, Holland but was raised in Denver, Colorado my entire life. I attended university in Seattle and I now reside in Marietta, GA with my husband of a little more than a year! I have done multiple projects for clients including logo designs, writing out a family recipe in script, writing family names and their meanings, addressing envelopes, creating save the dates, and designing invitation suites. I am always up to  the challenge of trying something new!


When I was growing up, my great aunt gave me a calligraphy set with broad-edged pens; unfortunately, I lost interest pretty quick because I could not get the pens to work for me - to my dismay, I learned years later that this was because I am left handed! Throughout my life people constantly complimented me on my nice handwriting, and I loved writing in cursive, which some would consider a lost art. I doodled letter forms constantly and started writing out "mock" calligraphy for fun. During the fall of my senior year of college I decided to pursue calligraphy further and I taught myself by watching videos online, doing a lot of research whenever I had extra time, and experimenting with different inks and nibs. Being a left handed calligrapher has posed multiple different challenges, but I've learned that a pointed pen is not biased, which is what I specifically use for my projects. I'm also very passionate about teaching others and you can find me on YouTube dishing tips & tricks for modern calligraphy, as well as hand lettering on wood signs!