Creating Hand-Lettered Wood Signs

There are currently six sessions that cover everything from purchasing your wood, to design/lettering, shipping/pricing, and more! If you visit the course landing page via the button below, you can read more in detail about what each session of the course offers. If you decide to purchase the course you will receive lifetime access to the content, leaving you with the ability to take the course at your own pace. 


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I'm so excited about my online course "Creating Hand-Lettered Wood Signs"! Deciding what to include in this wood signs course has included a lot of thought and planning, and right now the course includes SIX different sessions that all range around the 30-minute mark. Some of the sessions had to be divided into parts so that I could cover all of the content! Below is a quick overview of what each session will include:

SESSION 1. Purchasing Your Wood

To start off, where do you need to buy your wood? I cover a couple different options & directly tell you exactly where I purchase my wood for hand-lettered wood signs and why I have found that type of wood to be the best option. 

SESSION 2. Materials and Staining

This session will be a very comprehensive overview of the materials that I recommend and prefer to use when creating wood signs, as well as the small nuances and differences in different types of sandpapers, stains, and paint pens. I've spent the past 2 years making nearly hundreds of wood signs, and all of that experimentation has allowed me to have an excellent understand of what works and what doesn't. This session will also teach you how to stain your wood signs!

SESSION 3. Design Layout

Creatives all approach design and layout a little differently when they are working on creating an art piece. Some people have a more "fluid" and "go-for-it" approach, while others like taking the time to measure things out and keep all the elements of their designs precise. I will be discussing how to layout your design for a wood sign first and then transfer it to a much larger scale! I will make sure to approach this topic in a way that appeals to both "go-for-it" creatives as well as "precision" creatives.

SESSION 4. Lettering Your Signs

This is the part that people are perhaps the most curious about! Knowing how to write on a wood sign using paint pens is extremely important for creating a beautiful and professional looking wood sign. I will cover how to get your paint pen to work, how to keep the ink flowing throughout the lettering process, and how many layers of ink you can expect to write on your wood sign to create an opaque design.

SESSION 5. Shipping Signs of All Sizes

This session will entirely cover the shipping process and what you need to do to ensure that your wood sign will ship safely, whether just one state away or across the country! Shipping materials, and the actual shipping process, can get extremely expensive, so I also talk about how to navigate the discussion of shipping price with your client.

SESSION 6. Pricing Your Signs

This is something that all creatives can probably agree that they struggle with; how in the world do you price your work and your wood signs? This session will cover what you should be charging for your work based on your expenses, word count, and hands-on time for each individual wood sign. The goal of this session is to prepare you to be able to sell your wood signs to others and make a profit!

Hopefully, this helps you understand what I’ve included in the course and why it will definitely be a worth-while investment. I really hope to see you on the other side and I can’t wait to teach you more about wood signs!