Wedding Invitation Design Process


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Custom Wedding Invitation Design Process, calligraphy wedding invitations


After you fill out the online inquiry form, I take time to put together a custom wedding invitation quote just for you. This quote will be sent back to you & I will schedule a call to address any questions or concerns that you have about the process. To book with me, I require a 50% deposit - due to the nature of investing in my custom invitation designs, I can create payment plans on a case-by-case basis as a courtesy to you. Just let me know if you would like that option. If you have yet to inquire, you can do so with the button below. 

Custom Wedding Invitation and Save the Date


During this phase I create a lookbook that is unique to you, your wedding, and the vision you have for your wedding invitations! Don't forget, your wedding invitations are the first impression of your wedding and I want to make sure they will reflect you, your fiancé, and your event as well as possible. Once you have taken a look through the lookbook and confirmed that all of the inspiration is in line with what you want, I create sketches of a custom wedding invitation design for you. These sketches serve as the base for the rest of invitation design and will allow you to see the direction your design is headed in.

Wedding Invitation Design Process for Brides


This is perhaps one of the most exciting phases of the process; I do all of the nitty-gritty work on the back end and then you are able to see the beautiful results! All rounds of invitation designs are sent via an online questionnaire that allows you to give specific feedback about the design. Your package will include 3 FREE revision rounds that allow you to make specific changes to the design. Additional revisions for your custom wedding invitations are permitted as well and charged on a per-revision basis.

Custom Invitation Design for Weddings


Once we have determined that your invitations are completed on the digital side of the design, you will be sent a proofing form to make sure that all names, dates, addresses, and information placed on the invitation is correct. The last thing I want to do is send your pieces to print with any sort of errors on them! Once you have signed off on the form (yes, we do require an official signature) we send your designs to print. After your custom wedding invitations are finished printing, I receive them and do a quality check before a) sending them to you or b) mailing them to your guests.

Atlanta Wedding Calligraphy and Invitation Design


Depending on the package you book, you may have decided that you want to stuff & mail your invitations on your own. In that case, the invitations and envelopes will be shipped to you.

However, if you have hired me to do this step we will most likely be completing the addressing and calligraphy for your envelopes as well before mailing them to your guests. After the addressing, I will package your invitations with extreme care and deliver them to the post office for you as well. Please be aware the USPS is a third-party and I can not be held responsible for issues with mailing. I do promise that I take every precaution to ensure as safe & efficient mailing process as possible for your custom wedding invitations!

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