USPS Mailing Agreement for Calligraphers & Stationers

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usps mailing agreement, calligraphy contract, stationery contract, mailing contract, usps contract, mailing invitations through usps

USPS Mailing Agreement for Calligraphers & Stationers


USPS Mailing Agreement for calligraphers / stationers / invitation designers that are mailing items through USPS for their clients. If you are NOT mailing invitations on behalf of your clients, this agreement is not meant for you.

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The most nerve-wracking part of a stationery job for me is mailing the beautiful invitations I create on behalf of my client. There are so many bumps in the roads and things that can go wrong when the invitations are being mailed through USPS. These are all things that you CAN NOT control, so why leave the burden of fate up to USPS? Protect yourself with this mailing agreement so that your client understands exactly what could happen to their invitations in the mail and how those situations are handled (aka, the fault will not be on the vendor or the person that mailed them).

The agreement includes 8 statements that must be initialed by your client, as well as a final signature slot. The agreement is 2 pages long and comes in Word Document format. Part of the first page includes the following disclaimers below:


This is template and not a custom document created solely for your business. Within the contract you may find that not everything applies to you (feel free to delete) or that you want to include something else (feel free to add it). This template is meant to serve a base guideline to send to your clients when you are mailing any sort of stationery for them through USPS, or your country’s respective postal service. I recommend using some an online CRM to send this agreement to your clients, whether that is Dubsado, HoneyBook, Tave, or something else.

This document is written with multiple short statements that require a client’s initials, and one spot at the end that requires a client’s signature. You do not have to keep this layout if you do not choose but requiring your clients to initial things along the way may make them read everything a little more carefully.


I am not a lawyer, nor do I pretend to be. I, Elisabeth Young of ElisaAnne Calligraphy, have written this document to help aid others in the calligraphy & wedding stationery industry. None of this document is intended to be legal advice, so please be aware that you are using this agreement for your business at your own risk. If you do have questions about this agreement, I recommend seeking counsel from a licensed attorney to have them review it for you. This document is owned by ElisaAnne Calligraphy. You have received one license for personal use of the document. Copying it or redistributing it in any manner is copyright infringement. You may not forward or share this document with anyone via any means, whether it be email, text, photo, social media, PDF, etc.

Refunds for this items are NOT available. Once you purchase it, it is yours!