Hello! I'm assuming you are either here because you participated in my wood signs class at the 2018 Pinners Conference, or because you purchased a Beginners Wood Sign Kit from me on my Etsy shop! Take a look at this page to get inspiration for your "home sweet home" wood sign design, as well as get some help with the free videos & resources that I offer - you are free to use any of the below design ideas for your wood sign!

BONUS: At the bottom of this page you will see the link to my "Creating Hand-Lettered Wood Signs" Private YouTube Series. You get 50% OFF this resource with the code ATLPINNERS 2018 - the code is good through May 12, 2018.

FAVORITE MATERIALS (these are affiliate links):

Home Sweet Home Sign Variation 1.jpg
Home Sweet Home Sign Variation 2.jpg
Home Sweet Home Sign Variation 3.jpg
Home Sweet Home Sign Variation 4.jpg
Home Sweet Home Sign Variation 5.jpg
Creating Hand-Lettered Wood Signs: A Private YouTube Series
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