ElisaAnne Calligraphy enjoys hosting modern calligraphy workshops throughout the Metro Atlanta area including Downtown Atlanta, Roswell, and Marietta. Feel free to browse the selection of workshops below! 2019 Workshops have not yet been added to the lineup; we do not have plans to add workshops until June 2019 or later. If you have any questions that are not answered by the FAQs at the bottom of this page, please contact me directly.


How long are your modern calligraphy workshops?

My modern calligraphy workshops are all two & a half hours long to leave plenty of time for instruction, socializing, and practice! You are not required to stay throughout the duration of the workshop if you need to leave early. 

What is included in my calligraphy workshop registration fee?

You will receive ALL necessary materials to learn and practice calligraphy! I also make sure to provide some kind of food & drink at every single workshop, as well as a fun little added surprise. And, of course, your workshop fee covers as much instruction as you want and need from me!

How "self-taught" are your calligraphy workshops?

This is something I've been asked before and thought it would be important to quickly cover! All workshops (calligraphy related or not) will require a certain amount of self-teaching due to the fact that you are doing the calligraphy yourself, of course! With that being said, the first 45 minutes are usually spent covering specifics & best techniques for calligraphy, as well as things you need to know before getting started, and the rest of the time is reserved for practice, questions, and further discussion/teaching. However much help you need, please let me know, as I will answer any and all questions that you ask about calligraphy during the workshop time slot. I always spend a lot of time walking around and checking on all of the students to make sure they are achieving success with their calligraphy!

Are the tickets for your calligraphy workshops refundable?

Due to the nature of modern calligraphy workshops, refunds are not available for tickets after you purchase them. Please plan accordingly to ensure that you will be able to attend the workshop you register for. If you can not come and you can find a friend to purchase the ticket from you, I will allow you to transfer the workshop seat to him/her.